Image courtesy of NASA / JPL-Caltec

The third planet from the Sun. Our home planet Earth. As far as we know with todays knowledge it's the only planet in our solar system that support life. Our planet was formed 4.5 billion years ago from dust and gas, which also formed the Sun.

Earth is unique in many ways. Most importantly because it has water, an atmosphere, seasons, a magnetic field, a moon, and it's place in the solar system that makes it just right to encourage the evolution of life.

Earth is well protected from the suns harmful radiation by it's powerful magnetic field and ozone layer. This perfect environment gives life to millions of species through evolution which began a billion years ago.



Radius: 6.378 km

Density: 5.515 g/cm3

Gravity: 9.76 m/s2

From Sun: 1.00 AU

Lenght of day: 23,934 hours

Lenght of year: 365,24 days

Surface temperature: -88 to +58

Core temperature: +5.505 C

Composition: Silicates and iron