The Greenland Astronomical Society Website is our window to the universe. The website is currently privately funded and maintained until we get our Astronomical Society up and running.

We are aiming towards a observatory in Greenland, first of it's kind. But there is a long way before our dreams will come true.

Our Goal

Our goal is to encourage people of all ages to pursue this fascinating science of astronomy as far as they can. To do that we are establishing Greenland Astronomical Society where people interested in all aspects of astronomy can join as members.

In time we hope to build our own observatory through commitment and hard work seeking local and international financial support.


- Website development: up and running but still ongoing

- Facebook Group development: ongoing

- Creation of the Astronomical Society: pending

- First star party gathering: pending

- Proposals for funding of a telescope: pending

- Proposals for funding of a observatory: pending

- Approval of a building location: pending

- Funding of the construction: pending

- Contruction of the observatory: pending

- Opening of the observatory: pending

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